Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Melbourne – Saturday 1 June 2019
Osaka – Saturday 29 June 2019
Melbourne – Brunswick Street Perfect Potion shop
Osaka – Herbis Ent Building
Your investment: $150
Early bird booking by 17 May 2019 only $125.
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Who should attend?

Anyone with a passion for understanding a more holistic way of using essential oils to treat a range of common health disorders using the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine.

About the advanced aromatherapy and five elements masterclass

My own journey in the field of natural therapies began with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I studied acupuncture before I had even heard of aromatherapy in 1985. I was fascinated by the philosophy that underpinned TCM.
I could see that a person’s emotions played a very important role in determining what type of illness they may develop. We all have stress in our lives but why do some people react so differently to a stressful event compared to others. This led me to believe that our personality may also determine how we respond and react to certain situations.
TCM provided me with a wonderful framework to see with so much clarity the relationship between the body, mind and soul. At the same time, I discovered aromatherapy. I was fascinated at the affect scent could have on one’s psyche – it was immediate. However, I was disappointed at the rather prescriptive approach to learning essential oils. We were simply told to remember all the different properties associated with the essential oils and select the oils to match the symptoms and conditions of the patient.
As an acupuncturist and an aromatherapist, I have been able to integrate concepts of TCM and aromatherapy to provide us with a holistic framework in which we can effectively use essential oils to promote the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul.

In this one-day advanced aromatherapy and five elements masterclass you will learn:

Advanced concepts of TCM pathology

I introduce you to the fundamental concepts that are often the cause of TCM pathologies such as imbalances of the six pernicious influences and the seven emotions. We discuss how all health-related conditions can be described according to the eight principle patterns of disharmony and how essential oils plays a very important role in balancing these eight principle patterns of disharmony.

Develop strategies to balance disharmonies

We identify the type of disorders associated with each of the Five Elements and develop aromatherapy strategies to balance these disorders. We describe anxiety, depression, pain, headaches and insomnia in terms of TCM disharmonies and identify the most effective acupressure points and aromatherapy treatment to balance these disharmonies.

The spiritual dimension of the Five Elements

We explore the spiritual dimension of the Five Elements and how disharmony associated with the spiritual aspects of the Five Elements can contribute to emotional and physical disorders. We discuss how aromatherapy can be used to for balancing any disharmonies associated with the Shen (mind), Yi (intellect), Po (corporeal soul), Zhi (willpower) and the Hun (ethereal soul).
At the end of this masterclass you will put your blending skills to practice by making your own aromatherapy blend based on the concepts you have learned on the day.
A comprehensive study guide and set of notes will be provided for the day.