Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Dates: Saturday 8th June 2019
Location: Canberra
Your investment: $150
Early bird booking by 3 May 2019, only $125.
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Who should attend?

Anyone with a passion and desire for understanding the spiritual role of scent and essential oils and how this knowledge can be integrated with our understanding of the chakra energy system to enhance our wellbeing.

About the aromatherapy and chakra healing masterclass

My own journey in the field of natural therapies began with a desire to understand our higher purpose and how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are all interrelated.

In the early 1980s while foraging through a secondhand bookstore in Hobart, I discovered a book called The Chakras and it was written by Charles Leadbeater. This book in many ways was responsible for my spiritual awakening which lead me on an amazing journey over all these years to explore the role of the subtle body and its influence on our health and wellbeing. Over the years I have come to understand the significance and importance of the chakras.

In this masterclass we take a fascinating exploration of the subtle body and the chakras. We will appreciate why the chakras have often been referred to as the architecture of the soul.

We learn how to awaken your body’s subtle energy through an awareness of the chakras and we will become aware of the psychospiritual forces that integrate our body, mind and spirit.

In this one-day aromatherapy and chakra healing masterclass you will learn

  • Examine the origins of the chakras and how the Western chakra system developed from its roots in Indian Tantra, through Blavatsky to Leadbeater through to the contemporary understanding of the chakras as used by yoga teachers, energy healers and spiritual healers.
  • Examine the relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Happiness Report and the chakras.
  • Learn the relationship between the practice of yoga and meditation to harmonise our chakras
  • Examine the electro-physiological evidence for the existence of chakras using GDV.
  • Investigate how essential oils influence our subtle energy.
  • Examine how to improve our health and wellbeing through an awareness of the chakras.
  • Learn how to blend essential oils intuitively to help balance our chakras and subtle energies.
  • Create your own chakra healing blend at the end of the day.

A comprehensive study guide and set of notes will be provided for the day.