Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Date: Saturday 6 Apr 2019
Location: Adelaide
Your investment: $150
Early bird booking by 30 Mar 2019 only $125.

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Who should attend?

Anyone with a passion for essential oils and aromatherapy.

About the aromatherapy blending masterclass

Blending essential oils is considered the fun and playful aspect of aromatherapy. However, the skills and knowledge of blending essential oils is often shrouded in mystery and lots of dogmatic rules. Most books on aromatherapy simply offer recipes and blends.
This one day Aromatherapy Blending Master Class will help you to unleash the potent healing properties of essential oils by creating a powerful synergy of essential oils that will enhance the effectiveness of your aromatherapy blend. We introduce you to the fundamental techniques used by professional perfumers and how to express your creativity through scent.
In this one-day aromatherapy blending masterclass you will learn:

The art of smelling

I introduce you to the Spirit of Koh do (how to listen to scent). We learn the language of scent and how to classify essential oils according to their odour family, type and characteristics.

The oils

I introduce you to some exquisite, rare and exotic oils such as benzoin, boronia absolute, champaca absolute, galbanum, labdanum, jonquil, narcissus, oakmoss absolute, opoponax, peru balsam, tuberose absolute and violet leaf absolute. You will have the opportunity to use these oils when we create our perfume blend.

Therapeutic blending techniques

I explain how to develop a therapeutic strategy for an aromatherapeutic treatment. We examine a range of therapeutic blending strategies based on pharmacological principles, psychotherapeutic principles, personality profiling and vitalistic energetic approaches such as TCM or Ayurveda. We also learn about IP (Individual Prescription) developed by Marguerite Maury and the importance of a signature and regulating oil in your blend.

Practical aromatherapeutic blending

I introduce you to the concept of synergy when creating your blend and we learn how to select the most appropriate base for your aromatherapy blend and we will create our own aromatherapeutic blend.

How to create a perfume

I introduce you to blending techniques used by professional perfumers. We learn how to create a perfectly structured perfume using the principles of top, middle and base notes. We learn how to create a perfume accord and we will create our own signature perfume.

A comprehensive study guide and set of notes will be provided for the day.