Many of us have a strong psychospiritual connection with essential oils. We use essential oils to help us navigate our lives through the daily challenges of life and to guide us on our journey towards higher consciousness.

Scent evokes such a powerful influence on our psyche. Scent has the power to transform us in such profound and yet subtle ways. I love how essential oils are able to open the door to our soul, and often provide us with the catalyst to search for meaning in our life.

It is, therefore, my honour to introduce you to two individuals who have created powerful and inspiring tools to help us connect to the magic of essential oils in a very heartfelt way.

Jennifer Jefferies who created the beautiful Aromatherapy Insight Cards and Robbie Zeck who wrote the most soul-inspiring book, The Blossoming Heart. It is an absolute privilege to know Jennifer and Robbi. They are dear friends and esteemed colleagues who have made a big contribution to the world of aromatherapy and they are both just as passionate as I am about aromatherapy.