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Dear Friends, 

The torrential rain we have been experiencing along the eastern coast of Australia – aptly referred to as a ‘rain bomb’ – has caused so much devastation and damage. In South East Queensland we have had 80% of our annual rainfall in less than three days.

The event happened so quickly, with little warning. I live in an area of Brisbane which is regularly affected by floods, and I have been deeply moved by how these challenging events bring communities together as we help each other out. Fortunately, Carolyn and I have been able to move back into our place; however, many others have had so much damage to their homes and property. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the rain and floods, and we sincerely hope you will be able to recover quickly.

A dear colleague contacted me to see how we at Perfect Potion were coping with the floods. I explained that we were okay, but that I was so emotionally exhausted after two long years of challenges due to COVID-19, then the omicron variant, and now the floods.

He responded by saying he was amazed at how resilient we have been in spite of all the setbacks we have experienced over the last two years. I was sincerely grateful for his words of encouragement.

Which brings me to a very special free webinar that I will be presenting next week – Julian of Norwich and Aromatherapy.

I have always felt a strong emotional and spiritual connection with essential oils, and I believe they can play an important role in supporting and nurturing our resilience, courage, feeling of awe, compassion, and connection with nature.

These are some of the important features of spirituality that Julian of Norwich spoke about in her book Revelations of Divine Love, which she revealed to us in the fourteenth century. She lived in a time of crisis and chaos – during the bubonic plague that was responsible for so much devastation.

In my webinar I will explore some of her revelations, which together with essential oils provide us with hope, strength, courage and resilience to help us deal with many of the challenges we face in the 21st century.

I hope that the rain currently devastating Australia’s East Coast will soon pass without causing too much destruction, and I hope that you can join me next week for my webinar.

Wherever you are, please stay safe and dry.

Best wishes,

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