Shinrin-yoku Interviews in Japan


For my Aromatherapy & Shinrin-yoku Webinar, I had originally intended to go to Japan to take you on a tour of the distillery producing our Japanese pure essential oils.

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to Japan; however, thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to conduct the tours and interviews virtually with my Perfect Potion Japan business partner Kiyo Yamamoto.

In the first interview, I speak with Higashi-san, who is the distiller of the hinoki and sugi essential oils in Perfect Potion's Limited Edition Shinrin-yoku Essential Oils Collection.

He takes us on a tour of the distillation, and discusses the process of distilling our Hinoki and Sugi pure essential oils sustainably - including how the sustainably sourced wood chips are reused to power the plant as well as for steam distillation, to make the process as environmentally-friendly as possible.



In the second video, I interview the forest caretakers that manage the plantation on Mount Kōya. 

This mountain, situated in Japan's Wakayama Prefecture, has deep spiritual significance and is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

In this interview, we discuss shinrin-yoku, sustainable plantation management, and mountain protection with the people responsible for managing and protecting Kōya Mountain.


I do hope you enjoy these interviews, and that it inspires you to practise forest-bathing both in your favourite natural space and at home with essential oils.

Best wishes,


Introducing the Limited Edition Shinrin-Yoku Collection

This beautiful collection of essential oils epitomises the scent of the Japanese forest.
The kit contains four quintessential Japanese essential oils: hinoki leaf, hinoki wood, sugi wood and sugi leaf.
These oils are the classic Japanese aromas of shinrin-yoku, the practice of ‘forest bathing’.

As you inhale these essential oils, imagine walking through a forest.
Feel the earth and leaves under your feet, listen to the birds singing, look up and notice how the sun trickles through the tree canopy.
You are feeling the effects of forest bathing.

Please enjoy creating your own forest sanctuary with pure essential oils of the forest.




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