Written by Madeleine Kerkhof
Published in English in 2018 by Kicozo – Knowledge Institute for Complementary Nursing Care, Wernhoutseweg 142, 4884MD Wernhout, The Netherlands

Apart from Siberian fir, ginger and frankincense I have not had the opportunity to work with many CO2 extracts. The CO2 extracts that I have ever smelt have such a delightful aroma reflecting the true essence of the plant used. However, we cannot assume that the CO2 extracts can be used in exactly the same way we would use the essential oils.

At the 2018 NAHA conference in the USA, I was excited and most delighted to meet Madeleine Kerkhof, author of the very comprehensive book, CO2 extracts for aromatherapy. As CO2 extracts become readily available to aromatherapists, this important book profiling over 50 CO2 extracts is very timely and important. Madeleine’s experience as a complementary health care nurse educator is reflected in the very practical clinical information and case studies presented. She provides us with very clear guidelines on clinical applications, uses, methods of administration, recipes and contraindications of these incredible CO2 extracts. I love the way she has also incorporated the work of other health professionals into her book through their own case studies and experiences.

Madeleine’s book has inspired me to use more CO2 extracts in my own work. Thank you, Madeleine for providing us with this most comprehensive book.

I am looking forward to catching up with Madeleine who will speaking at The Aromatica Conference, 1 – 5 November at The Gold Coast, Australia.

More information about Aromatica can be found at https://www.aromaticaaustralia.com/